This is where I want to be when the violent sky just opens up to reveal the sun and shine a little light on our friends.
'Cause that'll be the day when we're swimming through the rays in love, making the most of what we've got before it ends.

This is your one chance, hell if you'll waste it. I can't let it happen. I love you too much.

Then you'll see it's like rain on a beautiful day,
All the clouds go away and we're just singing and playing and alright.
Then you'll know, no matter where the wind blows us, we've always got each other and we're dancing this dance on time.

This is where I want to be when that summer sun comes crashing down and makes that autumn sound that rings out and carries us through winter.
Cause that's the only way that we'll make it through the biting cold
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It's Like Rain Lyrics

Josephine – It's Like Rain Lyrics