I was born a vagabond man
I roam from town to town I am
Poor as the dirt upon your floor
But rich as the king of Baltimore

Girl, I want to be free
Free to dream any way I please
I am a vagabond man

Youґve got gypsyґs, beaggars and one eyed men
Scoundrel kings as presidents
Some have money some have fame
Those that are left to blame
I donґt bite and rarley curse
Loved so hard I nearly burst
Petrified Iґm dying of thirst
Canґt find hope in a limousine hearse

Drag me over to the other side
Iґd rather be dead than buiered alive
In a world that cares nothing of itґs own
Iґd stand here naked in a bag of bones
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King Of Baltimore Lyrics

Joseph Parsons – King Of Baltimore Lyrics

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