Bleeding at the seams,
My anxiety,
Is burning through the soul and my mind.
Hold on,
Breathe deep.
Forget about the world as we sleep.

And oh, oh, oh I need to breathe but,
These walls they're closing in on me.
Oh, I need faith.
And I,
I can't fall down that hole again.
I breathe it in.

And oh, oh, oh I,
Hold in all my feelings.
It's like suppression
But, I'm not one to dance with my demons.

Oh, oh, I...
I chase them.
I cage them.
I know it's not safe.
I'm just saving time.
And oh... I need to breathe, oh.

Perfection is a monarch,
Who makes me a peasant.
I breathe in the smoke,
And wash away my fears, oh.
Breathe it in,
Breathe it out.
It's all that's left of me.
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Perfectionist Lyrics

Jordyn Nicole – Perfectionist Lyrics

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