Dear woman of my heart, in your eyes I see stars.
You were so beautiful, your laughter made me full of joy.
Old age has had it's way, but I wish you had stayed.
I’m alone. My bed is empty.
My heart is clogged with rust
As our rings turn to dust and
My love, it turns to hate.

How could you leave me? You were so good for me.
That disease crept inside, in you a home it finds.
Jesus took you away - it was your glory day.
Now I’m left down here alone
Facing this dark unknown before me
Without you to guide me.

Took your body to grave.
I know I can’t be safe.
With a shotgun now I sleep
Your love it can’t repeat.
Six-feet under, side by side
I hold my head up high and wait
For the day that we’ll meet again.
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Bonnie And Clyde Lyrics

Jordan Raycroft – Bonnie And Clyde Lyrics