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Stop Walking Start Swimming Lyrics

Jordaan Mason – Stop Walking Start Swimming Lyrics

so what of connect: we could have it if we want it
i had what was yours, you had mine, we celebrated
the language we talked was - yes - a conversation
and then we cut each other off and lost the arrangements

and there's a room filled with men all trying to sing
and by sing, i mean: all in the dark they could say
all their names out loud for once to each other
but instead, they'll stay strangers, and i won't even bother

with all the lights off, i can barely brush the beards away
i'm tackled and taken from all angles widely
and where can i plug myself in for the warmth i need
is it just through the skin i experience only only only only only

i do not want this thing that i carry with me
i mean: this museum, this illiterate history
like an extra liver, as though i might need it someday
i don't need it - tell me, i don't need it

i want to witness it right in front of me
and be swallowed by it entirely
i want to forget the difference between the sky and the sea
i want to stop walking around and start swimming
yeah, we're all walking around, but let's start swimming

and just have all their heads glued to me in a long line
(i don't want a private life)
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