Just blame it on the dj
Make me wanna rockaway
Just blame it on the dj
Play a likkle Michael J
Just blame it on the dj
Biggy biggy hypnotized
Just blame it on the dj
Just live your life

Some people like it fast some like to jam slow
Some people talk blues some dance calypso
Gimme the rhythm, bass line, leggo the drumroll
And get this place here jumping
Have a candlelight dinner play some Marvin G
Backroad in da bush they burnin' Bob Marley
"Hey dj go play that song"
And get this place here jumpin


Lovestruck feeling hypnotized
Mellow mood and the feeling is right


Ain't no mountain high enough
No bridge over troubled water we can't cross
Your love is my love
Ain't no stopping us now
We skank it to the east we skank it to the west
We Cupid Shuffle to the left to the left we
'Pon the river, we signal the plane
We dutty wine round and round



Hey dj,  
Won't you play my song?
Keep that party jumping all night long (all night)

Diamonds in the sky beter get your umbrella 'ey-'ey!
Cuz I can't stand the rain
Michael said don't let the force stop
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
Cuz I just wanna fly
They nah ready for this jelly
Fresh Prince get jiggy with it na-na-na-na
Here come the hot stepper, murderah!


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Blame It On The DJ Lyrics

JookBox City – Blame It On The DJ Lyrics

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