Word & Music by Jonathan Udoh for Dunamis Breed Music

Led vocal: Amanam eh (3xs) bo itoro (repeat)
Back ups: eh (15xs)

Solo 1:
I've come to thank you Lord
You have done me well,
Everything you do for me,
Is marvelous in my sight:
You have done many things,
Many things for me oh,
You gave me joy,
And the reason to rejoice,
I will lift my voice and sing,
To exalt your name.

Amanam eh, Jesus,
Bo itoro, ke ima for.

Solo 2:
You have been so good to me,
You are my shepherd,
I am grateful every day,
For all your blessings in my life,
From the rising of the sun,
To the going of the same,
You she'd your blood for me,
On the cross of Calvary,
All the things you've done for me,
I am grateful oh lord.
(Repeat Chorus)

Led: Amanam (3XS) Jesus Christ Bo itoro
Bass: Amanam (16xs)
(Repeat Chorus)
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Amanam Lyrics

Jonathan Udoh – Amanam Lyrics