Your hair is gray today
But it wont' stay that way
Tomorrow you'll be somebody else
You need constant change
That remains the same
Try it all just to find yourself

He sees you change and he wants to know
When you change your hair, your eyes, and your clothes
And you buy and buy and buy till there's nothin' left
Is that true happiness?
And is there anything left?

It's always something new
That appeals to you
You toss aside what isn't even worn
He takes it all in stride
Keepin' you satisfied
When you get what you want, you want even more

Repeat chorus

He can change your tears to laughter
He can make him cry just the same
Tell me why nothin' ever sticks with you
Now you say you want to change your name

Well when you wake up and your hair is gray
Keep it or change away
But remember he will always see you through
And if you want to change your name
Don't rearrange
Your hear twill always make you feel brand new

So look into his eyes and see
He's always there, he'll always be
The one true way to happiness
I said the one true way to find happiness
You are the one true way to find true happiness
And is there anything left? Is there anything left?
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Anything Left Lyrics

Jon Peterson & Donna Dennihy – Anything Left Lyrics