I would never ever let you go
All this fighting is really just a show
That we put on behind doors
That everyone knows aren't closed
All these eyes are watching in the dark
Putting black holes in the stars
That we used to think were ours
Until they fell apart
Right now they seem so far

All I know is the way
You hold my heart
But all that shows
Is the way we fall apart
To a world I hate,
You are the one I love
They'll say what they'll say
But they'll never say enough
And i'll sing it more than once
You are the one I love
After all of the things
We've said and done
You are the one I love

Now there are couples,
Couples everywhere
Why oh why does everyone care
It's hard to be me and you
When all that everyone
Does is stare
All that they do is stare


Why can't we hide away
All that I need is your face
To remind me that I feel this way
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You Are The One I Love Lyrics

Jon Mclaughlin – You Are The One I Love Lyrics

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