Open up the center of my being
There's gotta be some room inside of me
I'm tired of trying to find a way
To make it through these endless days

Complacency is not enough for me
Constant thoughts of where I ought to be
Plague me
How could I be a fool so long
When the only way I live at all

You're loving me
Youre grace is so amazing
Youre loving me

I've tried to push distractions from my head
Oh, I try and try but find myself mislead
I need your hand to clear this road

I know I cannot bear this load
I run until I run right out of breath
And only a fool would run from what he knows is best

Without your hand to guide
I know there's loneliness
There's never growth
But still I try, I fail all on my own
But through it all

You're loving me
Your grace is so amazing
You're loving me

So open up any door for me
And watch me walk again
I give up all fear and reluctance to depend
And when I fall down, your rules they never bend
You pick me up anyway

Cause you're loving me
Your grace is so amazing
You're loving me
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Loving Me Lyrics

Jon Mclaughlin – Loving Me Lyrics