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Very Super Famous Lyrics

Jon Lajoie – Very Super Famous Lyrics

Aw yeah, drop the beats
In the planet of Earth, I am the most famous person of the world
Everybody knows who I am, even the people who don't know who I am

I am very super famous, super famous, super famous (Bitch!)
I am very super famous, a lot of people know I exist
I am very super famous, super famous, super famous (Bitch!)
I am very super famous, you are not, so you are shit

[Verse 1]
All around the world, people know who I am
Even in the Chinese countries like Japan
North, south, east, west to east
I make their panties wet like basements in New Orleans
In the France language, girls say, "Montre moi tes genitals"
Spanish girls also say things, but I don't know
What they're talking 'bout cause I don't speak Spanish at all
But they're probably talking about how my penis is super not small
I led the vaginist revolution in Russia
They call me the cockodile hunter in Australia
Wait, that sounds like I hunt penises, I don't, I do chicks
In Iraq they found wmd's, women on my dick
I'm Osama Bin Semen, the vaginal terrorist
On 69/11 I took down two chicks
And a third girl inexplicably collapsed on her own
Sorry, I just watched "Loose For Change," the pornspiracy video
German girls devour my franksquirter in Germany
I raised my rod in Egypt, then I split the Red Sea
By that, I mean I had sex with a girl on her period, that's right
I don't mind ketchup on my hot dog as long as the bun is tight
In England girls ask me to be or not to be
The person who will take their anal virginity
I always do, but I still make sure to wear a condom
Cause my sperm's so famous, it could make you pregnant in your bum


[Verse 2]
If a lot of people know who you are, it means you're a talented artist
In order to be super famous, you have to be the most smartest
And when I'm on the red carpets or at celebrity parties
Fat kids are on my dick like hot bitches on Smarties
More people know me than there are people on the earth
In all the thousands of countries people are singing my words
Even in the countries where people die cause they're so poor
They save up to buy my albums instead of going to the grocery store
Cause I'm more famous than food, that's right, you heard me
More people know me than there are people who know how to eat
I'm more famous than mountains, I'm more famous than watches
And if you wanna hang with me, make sure your panties are crotchless
I'm like Lee Harvey Oswald, I shoot really fast
All over your face until your head flies back
Back, back, and to the left, back, back, and to the left
For your safety wear a helmet and a semen-proof vest
Yeah, the Eiffel Tower is a lot like my dick
It's big, and it stings when soap gets inside the tip
My sex moves are like the movie *Die Hard with a Vengeance*
They're awesome, and Jeremy Irons is a good bad guy


[Verse 3]
The girls up north wanna get all up in my butt
Cause even though I'm Canadian, I'm more famous than Canada
I'll light a dick fire to warm up your cold vagina hands
And then I'll cover you in white like the Klu Klux Klan
All the Mexicans love me down in South America
From Colombia to Brazil all the way to Algeria
I'm Che Vagina, I liberate girls from oppressive pants
I'm Fidel Asstro, the dictator of ass
I'm Sodomy Hussein, the king of being hung
I'm Queen Ejizzabeth, I wear a crown of cum
I'm President Hard as a Rock Obama
Reforming the healthcare system, wait, that wasn't sexual
The Paparazzi follows me every day of my life
I'm like Princess Diana, except I am alive
I'm like aids, everyone has heard of me
I'm happiest inside vagina, I've got hiv
I'm on the cover of magazines, the headline of the newspaper
Reads, "Hide your daughter, MC Vagina's gonna rape her"
Whoa, whoa, wait, I... I didn't write that

[Random Pedophile] Sorry, sorry, that was me, my bad


Aw yeah, fame is like a tree
It helps you get pussy
For all you French ladies out there, le feu sur le cheval était brisé, bitches
I'm outta here. I'm going to a party with other famous people like Puff Diddy and Brad Pitts
Peace off
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