Gary... How'd they hide your story?
No virgin birth but glory
Mornings always brought out the freaks, the police and paparazzi,
The cocaine parties with yetis
On my vcr (repeat)
Doesn't matter where you are
You're watchin’ my vcr

Gary... Where'd you go when you disappeared?
Did you even really care that there were no pictures of you
In between the Phoenix Lights and the Georgia Guidestones
Blinded by the eyes that spy on me
All the eyes that spy on me (repeat 2x)
They won't let me be

Gary... We rode to Sturgis to Reno to Vegas to Roswell, New Mexico
Chaco Canyon,
New Mexico... Was a keyhole, a wormhole, a riddle, wrapped-up in
Neon lights they flickered and burned out
Your stereo
I never heard you sound so low (repeat)
Are you seein’ in stereo, Gary?

Sell me... Another line of bullshit
Can it - push it - on to the people? (repeat 4x)
First the church, then the steeple, a mushroom cloud mojito
That's where we’ll go

Finally... My flannel connected with the cosmos
I think it'd be better if Neil didn't know
That we changed all the stations on his shortwave radio
His shortwave... Ham radio (repeat)
Been talkin to ufos
Cause that’s all he knows
Just trying to get back home
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Gary's Song Lyrics

Jon Honda – Gary's Song Lyrics

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