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Problems Lyrics

Jon Connor – Problems Lyrics

I love bad bitches, that’s my fuckin problem
My girl got a bad sister, that’s another problem
She always tryina flirt, when I come around her
I don’t trust myself so I stay the fuck around her
This rap shit make the girls go crazy
In my hood I feel like Eddie Murphy in the 80’s
Now in the 6, since I’m getting all the ladies
They delirious and wanna fuck me raw and have my babies
Look, she give a lot of head so I call her lotta head
Bend over, touch her toes, like I said simon says
On my hotel door I got a sign that says
I just got dough fuckin so I need some fuckin rest
You be callin, I be fuckin while you stallin
I’m just tryina help my brothers out on michael
And you mallin
But you my lil nigga so I’m keenin and you mallin
How you niggas drop the ball
So I’m pullin her

Listen, me not no rookie
I know this when hoes want to give me the cookie
You nigga so lame talk yourself out the pussy
I fall into ass and you don’t need to push me
Head in the driveway, head on the highway
My nigga drop backseat, I fuck you sideways
Sweat out your hair make up gone nasty right way
Fucked her she looked like felicia from Friday
I just fucked a day ago, I don’t try to save a hoe
Ladies versus bitches is just I don’t like the ratio
Yes she kept you waiting for a months, she kept on saying no
On the low she fuckin any nigga on the radio
How real is that, she feelin that, itchy and scratchy
My mission is to kill the cat, lil jasmin and kashmeer
Lil jasmin and kashmeer
Fuck like a pornstar, look what we have here
She all in, she wanting me to type her
Don’t know jasmin kashmeer, look up and thank me later
And while she gets so much love in 45 lines
Cause I done fucked her in my mnd 45 times
Listen, don’t be no actress
Told me to kill it the bed is the casket
It ain’t no frowns around here cause we don’t allow it
But it’s too many bad bitches, that’s the fuckin problem
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