Verse 1:
Don't be mad, I'm not tryin' to offend
Your shape is captivating
But I'ma be patient if I have to I'ma just fall back
Ain't no need to press the fact that I'm open off your style
Your s*** when you walk, I ain't even heard you talk yet yeah
If your voice is as fly as your skin tone
Then I already know just what you sound like when you moan

I don't wanna be patient, don't wanna jump the gun
But I don't want somebody else to scoop you up
But I'ma be patient
Maybe I wanna see if you're feeling me baby

Verse 2:
Girl, it's plain to see
When you get close to me you make me feel the heat
I never met anyone quite like you, baby
Extend your love to me
Let me give you what you need


Jon's Rap:
If it takes me a minute
It's only cause it's looking like my dream and you in it
You messed around and gave the eye and now you did it
Baby I don't wanna see you give somebody else your digits
But baby your body is like a s*** nine pearl handle design
Thought she was shy, she fly, pull me from behind
Baby kinda bonafide, cool relax type, the pleasures I like
Is my everyday struggles in life

Ain't no holding back, good things come to those who wait
Baby you and I should just motivate
Don't wanna miss you lady
I'm still J. B. If you pass, I'ma do my damn thing
I'm about to let you know
Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh yeah, alright
I'ma just let you do your friends and I'ma get at you later
Or maybe I might not

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Patience Lyrics

Jon B. – Patience Lyrics