[Verse 1]
I heard nickel in your heart
In your heart
It was worth saving so I thought
So I thought
But time passed us by, wasn't on our side
Think it skipped us
And if all our dreams weren't meant to be
Can I miss them

So far from heaven with know nowhere to run
Should of seen it coming, but we followed the sun
Far from perfect in this universe
No use fixing the things that never work
So far from heaven
So far from heaven

[Verse 2]
If only I could see through your eyes
Through your eyes
I could understand every reason why
Or at least try
If I told you things that you wanted to hear
Would you listen?
Every piece you see that you took from me
They were given


So far from me, I'm slipping away
So far from me, keep slipping away
So far from me, keep slipping away
Keep slipping away
Keep slipping away

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Far From Heaven Lyrics

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Jojo – Far From Heaven Lyrics

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