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Fade To Black Lyrics

Joi Veer – Fade To Black Lyrics

You’re born into this world, then fade to black.
You blink your eyes, but you can’t hold it back.
It all goes racing by as you sit still
And wait for signs while wasting your free will.

You make your bed, and then you fade to black.
The sense of better judgment that you lack
Is leading you beyond what you believe.
The person you once were you can’t retrieve.

A little bluebird came to visit you and whispered
The words that never were easy to hear.
With trusting melody, she sang a song of wisdom,
But ran into the wall of a deaf ear.

You come to terms before you fade to black.
You’ve missed the cue – release the maniac.
You have to get a grip on your own past
To face the present – time is moving fast.

Now, hear the bluebird – she is screaming in your ear.
The miracles you wait for won’t arrive.
A simple concept met by layers of resistance.
Live your life while you are still alive.

And no one ever learns a lesson by waiting for divine intervention.
Remember, even Mom and Dad said that.

The music ends, and then you fade to black.
You struggle, but there’s no smile left to crack.
It all went flying by as you sat still
Waiting for signs and wasting your free will.

You come into this world, then fade to black.
It’s precious life that’s leading the attack.
Have you made the most of everyday?
There is no mortal lease on life you can repay.
Your time is up, and now you fade to black.
And all that’s left to do is fade to black.
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