Once upon a time there was a girl
Around smiles and silver shoes
She thought she was in this dreadful time
And didnґt know what to do
There ainґt gonna be no guarantee
I know it from the heart
But an outcast would get there in the end
Without the need to act and pretend, cause you know

I wanna hold you, yeah unfold you
Looking good girl
I donґt need to see you,
But I wanna feel you
Cause I need you girl

Upon another time there was a boy
Falling headfirst towards the floor
And no, my friends,
It wasnґt captain Morgan this time
But the circus inside that broken door
He thought, this happy city is soon falling apart
I know it from the heart
Be quiet and drive me far away,
Because it ainґt the place to stay

I wanna hold you...

B... But t... To my knees I pray
That youґll be there for me
B... But t... To my knees I pray for you
But it wonґt be the time

(Hold up)
Is that a feeling a change
Ore just another soaked in whiskey, coke and beer
Keep your head up high you shouldnґt have no fear

But the time keeps whispering in my ear
I want my mother to see me walking down the aile
Please wait for me Iґll be there in a while
And everything will work out just fine youґll see
But until then, whereґs my bottle of J&B

I wanna hold you...

B... But t... To my knees I pray for you...
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From Peoples Heart Lyrics

Johnossi – From Peoples Heart Lyrics