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Immigrant Lyrics

Johnny Rodriguez – Immigrant Lyrics

American ranchin’ consists of a mansion
Where illegal immigrants do most of the labor by hand
They sneak them through customs till it’s time to bust them
Then haul them back over the border to their own native land

With a ragged sombrero and not much dinero
They’ll be back again when the ‘ol Rio Grande is down low
Border patroller don’t stop the stroller
‘Cause the Mexican immigrant is helping America grow

Viva la mejico go where they let you go
Do what you can for the land
Take home dinero and buy the sombrero
And come back again when you can

What makes the gringo his smart aleck lingo
When he stole his land way back then
Don’t he remember the big money lender
That put his a Lincoln, parked where his pinto had been

The almighty peso that gives him the say so
To dry up the river whenever there’s crops to bring in
Is this the good neighbor who takes all his labor
And chase him back over the border ‘til he’s needed again
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