Last night I dreamed
I walked along the paths of paradise
And only God could tell you
What I've seen

But when I woke my heart was sad
For then I realized
The paradise for me
Was still a dream

But now I know that I'm the one
Who journeys there to rest
And every man must find
His way alone

But if a man can prove his try
To do his very best
The line of life
Will lead the stranger home

So when temptation blinds my eyes
Lord I need to know
Send down the winds to beat me
Come and tell me I must go

So when at last these days of life
Are numbered few for me
And fear and pain
As she left from my eyes

I'll bow my head and say a prayer
Wherever I may be
To walk again
The paths of paradise
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Paths Of Paradise Lyrics

Johnny Ray – Paths Of Paradise Lyrics