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Whoa Lyrics

Johnny Malibu – Whoa Lyrics

I've got a great idea I'm going to see it through
I'm trying to save the planet, there's nothing left to do
I used to do the punch out down at Malibu
But now I want to see the waters turn from brown to blue

While we're on the subject, the air is pretty thick
There's so much damn pollution, it really makes me sick

Can you hear me, can you help me, come on

Now what about the ozone that used to be out there
Skin cancer's everywhere, and I can't stand the glare
Clean up your garbage, recycle all your trash
Stop dumping that raw sewage, and cut down on the ash

Can you hear me, can you help me, can you hear me

Leave those forests alone man, and let the trees stand
We all need that oxygen, I'm on a roll, man

Clean up your garbage, recycle your trash
Stop dumping raw sewage, cut down on the ash
There's oil in the harbours, carbon monoxide in the air
Tell me, tell me, don't you people care

Come on and help me, got to help me
I can't do it alone, you got to help me
Got to help me save our planet y'all
Clean up your act
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