To hang on to love you got to hang on to mem'ries
And make the most of the good times the souvenirs of love

I'm not the man for all seasons I always follow the sun
Take what love I can offer but soon I'll be gone
Our love's a small stop over like stepping out of the rain
And with the drive when you vanish gone like the midnight train
To hang on to love...
[ guitar - harmonica ]
Don't it carry away girl don't try to tie me down
Give a thought to each kiss girl to heaven I'm not around
To you it is no big thing now what it means to me
And when the game lost it's flavor I'll just have memory
To hang on to love...
And remember the good times the souvenirs of love
Let's make some mem'ries girl the souvenirs of love
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Souvenirs Of Love Lyrics

Johnny & Jonie Mosby – Souvenirs Of Love Lyrics