Well we can do just what we please,
But we can never turn on the heat
And every night's a blackout in this place
We get the bills, but we don't pay, no, we don't pay
And I guess you're right 'cause all of my friends are drug addicts
And I guess you're right 'cause this really is a pretty gross mattress
But I'd rather sleep with junkies than with angels
As the moonlight turns all of us to werewolves
And sunrise, it's just a gorgeous bedtime,
The way the light hits the cheap wine.

Well I can do just what I want,
And that's get drunk in Vermont
Down by the bridge with the Colt 45
Sipping and watching them pigs drive by, drive by
And I guess you're right 'cause we're just a bunch of alcoholics
And I guess you're right 'cause we ain't taking down the system tomorrow
Sometimes anarchy should mean burning a black flag
And utopia should mean no paper bags
And maybe our hundred drunk mistakes
Could add up to smash the State, smash the State
Smash the State! And I hope that is the case,
'Cause otherwise we'll never get out of this place.
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Free As The Rent We Don't Pay Lyrics

Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains – Free As The Rent We Don't Pay Lyrics