The last two girls I stalked in my city went nowhere
The first dreamt of butterfly tattoos that flew
From her hair and curled around her belly
And the second wrote this awkward poetry
10 lines 6 fonts 4 colours and all I can
Remember is "love is all I have to give"

We're like, love and train fare
We made monsters but monsters don't scare
You we worked for days but the conscience never came
We made zombies to fight your zombies and now
They stare each other out in the sanctuary on saturdays

Mutton dressed as lamb, a wasted call from birmingham

Brittany says "I dont drink but if I did I'd
Get smashed and head for the library" well
I do drink, I've done that and I still owe the money
How the champagne girls sit on the stand and
Look out though the crowd, how nothing is wasted
Or compromised the champagne girls won't get you in

Its like, love, and, train, fare mutton dressed
As mutton dressed as mutton dressed as lamb
How he walks like he could and he dances like he can
Mutton dressed as lamb
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Champagne Girls I Have Known Lyrics

Johnny Foreigner – Champagne Girls I Have Known Lyrics

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