The watchman's fire is burning but the watchman has gone
The singer knows the words but she cn't recall the song
The passenger is waiting but the train won't come
The telephone is ringing but to answer no-one

I'll meet you on new earth, new earth
Standing on common ground
New earth, new earth
Where the lost will be found

There's too much double talk and double think and double dealing
Too many people wearing chains in the name of freedom
Don't think I can wake up to this anymore
In my heart I know what I am looking for


You say I must wait for tomorrow
But I need it today
I don't need youor pity or your sorrow
Just give what you say
Give me what you say
Give me what you say...

I'll meet you on new earth...
Brother get ready
Sister get ready
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New Earth Lyrics

Johnny Clegg – New Earth Lyrics