Wo liyeza - wo tomorrow
Wo liyeza - it's coming down

You've got to rol with the punches and change with the times
Don't let today forget yesterday's smiles
Undermeath all some things never die
We've got to listen to the rhythm, keep moving you and I
Last time when we said hello
We spoke about these things
We listened to the radio
And heard the Gumba man sing
He said: "You've got to keep alive, don't get left behind
The Gumba Jive will take you to a better side"

And so we'll dance the Gumbagumba Jive again, oh yea, one more time,
"You've got to keep alive - Gumbagumba!
Jive! Jive! You've got to move to keep alive,
You don't know where you might
Lay your head tonight -O-O-O-"

Now the days are hard and the nights are as lonely
I never see you, you never come around, you never phone me
So I listen to the rhythm of the Gumbagumba man
So I listen to the rhythm of the Gumbagumba man
Ngijayiva njengenkalakala nginikinik' ikhanda nje
I've got to keep alive, I won't get left behind
Gumba Jive will take me to a better side

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Gumbagumba Jive Lyrics

Johnny Clegg – Gumbagumba Jive Lyrics