All the young and brave
Will turn to face the empty days
To dream tomorrow
Into shape
And those that fall will pray
That some will fight on through the dark
Not give in and hold the dream
Keep it strong in a warrior's heart
Don't you ever turn away

Are you there?
Are you there?
Are you there?
Brother, sister
Are you there?
Ukhona na?

All over the land
The lights go out one by one
Only you can make the final stand
You're a wild horse run free
And your sad freedom captured me
I love you more than you can know
Dream on can make it be


And if all the people should say:
"Where are the young, the brave, the strong
Who dare?
Who will change these empty days?"
Will you rise and stand?
Will you be there?

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Are You There? (Ukhona Na?) Lyrics

Johnny Clegg – Are You There? (Ukhona Na?) Lyrics