I'm alive
And no such thing as love will cross my mind,
Eventually compelled to be
Sitting here I will die

If you ask absolutly no,
If you must then absolutly no

I'm alive,
The length of love seems easy to survive
A million years a day in tears,
I walk the city streets

Oh my
And she's blind and she trips on the wire
A light in time, right on time
'Cause you're the one not I

So it seems
I've got down on my knees again,
Some parts of us will never bend
(You should find what you love and let it kill you)

So it's me
Enslaved to all my dreams
All we ever share is time
(Beauty has no place in this modern day time)

We're no longer a part of one body
And You're no longer a voice in my head
As you stand there by the doorway
Bleeding to my heart, but it's dead
Oh it's dead
Oh we're dead
And we are
Less than we ever dreamed of
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Find What You Love And Let It Kill You Lyrics

Johnny Berlin – Find What You Love And Let It Kill You Lyrics