Alright, I got to tell you
I got to tell you too

Friday night I was home without my baby
I work hard keep her satisfied in every way
I look forward to a hot meal and a warm embrace
I could hardly wait to see a-ever loving face

But the moment that I walk to the door
There's a [Incomprehensible] got on in the middle of the floor

It's a Friday night, she loves me
Friday night, I'm a bachelor
Friday night, my baby's gone
Friday night, I'm all alone

Friday night, a smile once cold as ice
She forgot all the things and all of my sacrifice
Girl, for you I walked around
With clutches on my floor and my feet on the ground

Now you can stand here and look me straight
In the eye and tell me you're gonna put me down
You never, oh, you really, really took me by surprised
Told me you found another guy

That was on Friday night
If I knew [Incomprehensible], Friday night
You left me, baby, why did you leave me?
You know when you love me, it was gonna grieve me

Let me tell you
Somebody long to love on Monday
Somebody long to love on Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday but my day was on Friday

You know you took me by surprise
You told me you found another guy

That was on Friday night
I need you on Friday night
I'd like to be lonely
My baby left when my ego fly
Everybody look forward to Friday night

Go and do the falcon, baby, with the one you love
Now you're gone, I'm alone, oh, oh, baby

On a Friday night, you left me here
I don't know what to do without you, baby
Oh no, why did you leave me?
You could have [Incomprehensible] of doing that
But you left me on a Friday night
You know you got my business of thank
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Friday Night Lyrics

Johnnie Taylor – Friday Night Lyrics