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Eat Bite Lyrics

John Valby – Eat Bite Lyrics

Well, I went to a party
And what did they do?
They took off their socks
And they took off there shoes,
They took off their coats,
And they took off their pants.
I had a hunch,
They weren't gonna dance.

Oh, eat-bite-fuck-suck-gobble-nibble-chew,
Moose-piss, cat-pud, orangutan-tit,
Sheep-pussy, camel-crack, pig and lion shit.

Purple headed, cherry poppin, tea baggin bitch
Pink puckered pun-tang lyin in a ditch
Ass plowin' pussy chowin, wife sloppin huggy
You ball lappin s*** sword swallow my chubby

She was workin on a wiener with her 2 big toes
She had one up her ass and one under her nose
She grapped two more and stuck em in her ears
She'll said i'll make em all come while I'm chuggin this beer
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