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Fast Lyrics

John Ruskan – Fast Lyrics

Sing the song bluebird
Never more a token of
Relay the intent
Backward homespun
Is the phone going to ring
Cough sneeze blow out smoke
Part the drapes
Outside is cold
Snow in L.A.

The intense wavering of the poppies
Left me feeling ill at ease
Let soup equal bread
Tangent plus sine never mind
It’s all academic
Too fruity too loose the goose
I’ll leave when the crow flies towards the sun
It’s never more to begun

Don’t you see it can’t be real
They’re only pretending to like you
Follow me up that hilltop where I
Parked my car last night I think
It’s the dark dirty one with no horn
Symphony sympathy
It’s all the same when you can’t
Get the record going
The light from your camera hurts my toes
But don’t stop telling me you care

I need a fast food something soon
I need to stand in line and
Order from a high school dropout
I need to carry my food through the crowd
To a messy table and sit next to a family
I need to be part of
Or maybe just move on down the highway to the mall
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