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Soundman Lyrics

John Reuben – Soundman Lyrics

Hey sound man turn me up man let it surround them
Right here right now

It's up to him to mix me in with my vocal blend from start to end
No party crashin me and my fellow mc's we keep it smashin
Enter the place and watch the crowd start reactin
With the all shoot back up back up Mr. Sound Man turn my track up track up
Even though I might be the act to open up
Show me love dear friend please don't jack me up


Sound man I trust you
It's a must to hop on your toys and raise the noise up
To a volume that makes the people want to swoon free
Up the music to consume the room
Cuz when it comes down to it
All that we've got is MC's and DJ's
And whether or not the man on the boards can afford to feel friendly
To every mc never make the sound man your enemy


Big headed mc's and uptight bands all over the land
They're ticking off the sound man
Ego's on ten but in the same trend
You've got sound folk who provoke and do it to them
Not to mention the security guard who tries hard to be hard
And takes his job a little too far
And I understand your need for attitude
But I don't see why we need to spare the gratitude
So I'll be the first to say job well done
Thank you sound man you're second to none

I also speak on behalf of the DJ
And on that note I feel we've earned the right to say

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