(Acapella Intro)

As I sit here writing this song
I think of all the things I've done wrong
Never sat and thought,
What it's done to my mama...

As I close this notebook tonight,
Mama I'm gonna make things right,
So before I close,
You gotta hear me out...

(Music kicks in)

Please accept this song mama,
Take it as my plea
See This song as an apology!
If I never get to see you again,
My rock, my mama..
Please always remember these words.

So dear mama... I'm so sorry,
For all the things I've said to you
And dear mama, wish I could take
Back all the pain I put you through
So dear mama, let me try
Try to make it up to you
And dear mama, I love you
I'm sorry for all I've done to you!

(Guitar solo)

(Piano solo)

(Outro fades)
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Dear Mama Lyrics

John Q. Public – Dear Mama Lyrics