Well, I've guessed your name and I'm sure you know mine
I'd like to discuss our mutual friend
I can't help but feel that I left him behind
Does he still live with you or did his pain ever end?

I guess I don't deserve to know
If he ever let go
I guess I don't really need to see
If he wound up with you or did he ever break free

When we were both young, you took us in
And taught us to play survival games
He'd lost so much that you let him win
But I had a home so it just wasn't the same

I had the strength to look you in the eye
And say goodbye
I was lucky and I didn't have to play
Does he still stay with you or did he get away?

I used what I had and I escaped
I smelled something good and I followed its track
But all he could smell was the world that you shaped
It took all my strength so I just couldn't look back

I remember him calling after me, I keep that memory
The last thing he screamed aloud was
"Hey, don't you leave me alone"
Yeah, he might live with you but he called me his home

Yeah, I guessed your name and some day so will he
'Cause one of these ides he's gonna break free
'Cause one of these ides he's gonna break free
'Cause one of these ides he's gonna break
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Regarding Steven Lyrics

John Popper – Regarding Steven Lyrics

Songwriters: JOHN C. POPPER
Regarding Steven lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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