Well I think it's fine, flying jumbo planes
Or taking a ride on a Kingston train
You know I've been to school
But, Lord, I'm such a fool
And it isn't my fault, cause I followed your rules

I know we came a long way
We're changing day to day
But tell me
Where do the children play?
Where do they play? Where do they play?

We've been building roads from way back in the past
And they disintegrate
Lord, and it happens so fast
Cars fall apart, but you don't care
And the people complain, but the holes stay there

Repeat Chorus

And there's a tax increase with every crop decrease
And we learn to fight one another
But you tell us that you stand for peace
Cause you work in the day
And you sleep at night
Cause you live in the dark and you think it's light

Repeat Chorus
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Where Do The Children Play Lyrics

John Jones – Where Do The Children Play Lyrics