Do you love with all of your heart?
Just for a day
Do you steal kisses just for a thrill
Then run away

When you left
You've done a terrible thing
This are the words of a prophet

Live for today and love for tomorrow
Is the wisdom of a fool

And when you love
You should not say
The Lord is in my heart
You should say
I am in the heart of the Lord

And when he assigns you
To your sacred vows
Fear not for you shall not be burned
His love is to melt you
Like a rippling burst

You shall know no pain
Or too much tenderness
You shall know love

So be good little children
Give all your love
Oh faithfully

And you'll be blessed little children
By the profit eternally
Oh oh eternally
You will be blessed eternally

Eternally you'll be blessed by the profit
Oh oh eternally
Oh oh
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The Prophet Lyrics

John Holt – The Prophet Lyrics