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Nobody's Here Anymore Lyrics

John Fogerty – Nobody's Here Anymore Lyrics

from album: Deja Vu All Over Again (2004)
He got the latest software
He got the latest hardware too
He got the latest gizmo
Up in his room
He's feeling so connected
But he don't talk to a soul
He got a stash of Twinkies
Up in his room

Nobody here anymore
Nobody mindin' the store
They've all gone
To another dimension
Nobody here anymore

She comin' 'round the corner
Ah in a SUV
She got the latest cell phone
Up in her ear
I'm running 'gainst the traffic
But she don't see me
One hand on the cell phone
One hand on the mirror


He's sittin' back at the classroom
A million miles away
He's listenin' to the rock star on a CD
Up front the old teacher
She's too tired to snag his mind
He's lookin' at the future, she's looking way behind

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Songwriters: JOHN FOGERTY

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