Send a message to the weak and faint of heart
Cast a flame into the sky for all to see
Tell the wise man and the fool who are worlds apart
That through His eyes we are all seen equally

But I can't help wonder if Lord, if for You I can be strong
Even though I know when You see me, You can see no wrong
But if I'm to be Your messenger, sometimes I'll surely fail
But I know You're listening and You'll answer when I call
Cause I know...

Every time You see me cry
Every time You see me, You die again... I know
Every time You see me lie
Every time You hear me (I can see You) die again... Again

I want You to see through me and tell me who I am
You know my vulnerabilities, You know I'm just a man
I can try to run away from You, I can try to hide my sin
Just when I think You will let me go, You bring me back again
'Cause I know...

(Repeat Chorus)
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Every Time You See Me Cry Lyrics

John Elefante – Every Time You See Me Cry Lyrics

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