I said hey, ho. Baby can we mends.
I'm losing my mind, my head.
Another man in my place cause you're on the run.
Before I live to regret what I'm gonna do to you.
Cause I'm just about to lose my mind.

Devil woman, get the hell away from me. (x3)
Devil woman, tell me why you're so mean.

A hi, hey, say tell me what's his name
And tell me what he got
What he got that I don't have?
I know those place, trucks getting out of my dance
So I avoid the one he have
Cause I'm gonna grab my baseball bat.

Devil woman, get the hell away from me. (x3)
I'm saying devil woman, got me on my knees.

Being with you is like a lightning bolt.
No matter what my friends say, I like to see you fall
But now I see you're a snake in the tree
And now your poisonous apples are killing me
So how can it go real high
Hell man can see those thighs
While you're at it baby show your horns
Wrapped around your head like a cranberry thorns

Devil woman, get the hell away from me. (repeats)
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Devil Woman Lyrics

John Butler Trio – Devil Woman Lyrics

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