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Numbers Challenge Lyrics

Joey Trap – Numbers Challenge Lyrics

Oh my god, I love you so much Joey, oh my god
Listen up class today we have a special guest
His name is Joey Trap he's gunna be teaching you numbers
Cali Baset Beats

One lick, one house, mad bricks
2 rats, 2 op niggas both snitch
3 guns, 3 bullets in it, bet I won’t miss
4 bad bitches finna suck me and I won’t kiss
5 up time up you missed your chance
She suck dick and she use both hands
6 new pairs of them loubs like I stepped in paint
Bitch been a fan of me seen me and she bouta faint
She hit me up and ask me if I lover, what you think?
Molly in my codeine, I’ma turn up off this drink
I remember posted grandmas house was drinking out the sink
Now I got a lot of Fiji water diamonds on this link, aye
I know 7 niggas rollin with that glizzy just to throw clips
We up in a mazi bet your girl gon suck the whole dick
Feel like KG Smokey, all these bitches with me so thick
8 about to pull up hit that mufuckin old lick
9 hold 9, 10 times 10, aye
My bitch bad and she braught friends
Back to 1 nigga chillin in his house by himself
He was talking hella shit that boy run out his mouth
Only 2 niggas pulled up with 2 hammers out
Now he’s 3 outta luck cus them 3 bullets out
I got 4 bitches with me baby girl I’ll never love you
The 5 times I said I was in love was just to fuck you
I know it’s not your fault but I don’t think I’d ever trust you
I'm in a Maserati not a Honda bro I’ll dust you
6 new Rollie’s, niggas don’t know me
Hardest ever spit my nigga where the fuck my trophy
Retro Jordan 7’s, is you really rocking Kobe’s?
Put 8 up on some white a nigga feeling like I’m tony
9 up on a watch I guess that shit was for the low b
She said she wanna see the diamonds dance I said foshodie
I keep it 10 times 10 times 10, that’s a rack boy
If you just listened close enough you heard the numbers stack boy
So this the Numbers challenge if you hit it you can rap boy
But no one touching this one that’s a mutha fuckin fact boy
1 ,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9and 10 boy don’t make my Mac 11 spray
12 fuck 12 I dont fuck with police anyways
13 lost boy I'm dropping bands like everyday
14 grams smell like some sour mixed with lemonade
Said that she wanna cuff me I don't never take her on a date

Man, fuck this class, y’all niggas don't pay attention
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