[Chorus:] let me take you for a ride
We can do
Just what you like.
I want you seated by my side.
Let me take you for a ride.

[Verse:] hey cutie, what's your name?
You're all alone
And it's a shame, it's a shame
What's wrong- you look so sad
I got a plan to take your blues away
Take them all away.

[Bridge:] don't you think it's time
For you to be good to you.
So come along with me and ride
'cause everything's gonna be all right. So......


[Verse:] so baby take my hand
You gotta know - that I will understand
Baby, I'm your man
Just put your trust in me
Relax and don't you try
To shy away, girl
Let's fly away.

[Bridge:] -


(breakdown)- where do you wanna go
What do you wanna see
It's all up to you.
Come take a ride with joe.
Be who you wanna be
And your dreams'll come true.

(chorus x3)
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Let Me Take You For A Ride Lyrics

Joey Mcintyre – Let Me Take You For A Ride Lyrics

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