You don't have to hold it all inside you
Or try to keep your feeling's hid
You don't need to bottle your emotions
Up the way your daddy did

I can see inside you're hurtin'
Even though your eyes are dry
But if a tear rolls down your cheek
Honey, that don't mean you're weak
You're just strong enough to cry


They're not just little drops of water
That show the way you feel
They turn coal into diamonds
And iron into steel
I know you think you'll be weaker
If a tear falls from your eye
Oh, but you don't understand
A woman needs a man
Who's strong enough to cry

Every rock that we lean on
It isn't just shaped out of stone
It didn't get that way by sittin'
There dry as a bone

It took a million years of changin'
As the rain fell on it from the sky
So if you wanna be that rock for me
Honey, I need you to be
Strong enough to cry

Repeat Chorus

Baby you don't understand
This woman needs a man
Who's strong enough to cry
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Strong Enough To Cry Lyrics

Joey Martin – Strong Enough To Cry Lyrics