Roly poly (roly poly)
Roly poly (roly poly)
You're the apple (roly poly)
Of my eye (roly poly)
Roly poly (roly poly)
Roly poly (roly poly)
Let me be (roly poly)
Your sweetie pie

I know you got a lover
And he treats you good
But he ain't treated you
Like I could

Now I don't wanna rob
And I don't wanna steal
But if I don't get you
My best friend will


I know you're kind of heavy
But what can you do
And people will be laughing
When they see me out with you

I don't mind them talking
I don't care what they say
I just wanna get you
Cause I love you that way


Don't you know I love you
(Don't you know I love)
Don't you know I need
(Don't you know I need)
Don't you know I want you
(Don't you know I want)
Don't you know I need you
(Don't you know I need)...
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Roly Poly Lyrics

Joey Dee & The Starliters – Roly Poly Lyrics

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