Tonight the drugs are infected
We are on a way
As if they drop by to see me uninvited
And I am a wallflower
Maybe a better father
This is our job

The second time is dependence
Today maybe they call
You describe every praise you pass through them all
Then he ask for your head, and I thought to burn your bed
Try to pretend, but this is your life
Somehow it feels right

I'm calling this evolution
I'm falling for institution
One segnation unvaliable you
Tomorrow I survive the questions
Now is period with cold effervescence
My world is true waiting by you

Here they come again

I could never find the words
So I discuss and inverse
Until it comes I've done me wrong
The simplest song, if you sing along

Where are you this time
Where are you this time
I'm gonna be the only well

I'm painting a revolution
I'm falling for institution
One call us unvaliable blue
Shine a comfort in a one convention
But this are no injection
This is an excuse ending by you

Tonight the drugs are infected, we are on a way
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Violet Lyrics

Joey Cape – Violet Lyrics