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Knock U Out Lyrics

Joel Turner – Knock U Out Lyrics

Look out
We're boxing now
You wanna battle on the mic
And we'll knock you out
Yeah, we'll knock you out
Within three rounds
Mdp and Mundine
Are gunna beat you down

I bet ya wanna beat box battle, but I don't battle no beat boxer,
But I got lyrics that'll shock ya
Battle anybody wantin' beef n boy i'll squash ya
You n ya boys n tha lot ya, i'll stomp ya
Kick ya head around like you tha ball n this was soccer
You sounding like pathetic mc's in need of sponsers
You stupid, acting like you stronger
Coz you beat me in a battle back when I was younger (so what)
I don't want ya respect so screw the punch lines
I'll run up in this ring like mundine and begin to punch guys
Like rocky, you knock me down but you can't stop me
You'll have to get ya boys to gang up on me like this was hockey
Before I drop, we'll never stop it's in our viens
As long as we here that's where it's gunna remain
So get out my way, you don't want no rematch
Diss me all you like the only response your gunna get is feedback


It's the man mudine you think me rappings a joke
Well you can luagh but i'll uppercut ya over these ropes
And leave ya nose broke, I aint playing no games
I'll throw a left right combination at ya rib cage
And all the haters from the newspapers chould face the facts
I'm jumping back in the ring and getting me title back
Reminding these cats, I lost by split descision
Now I'm runnin up on these critics and boxing their chins
In you think I'm going back to leauge I'm never quittin'
I love jumping in the ring, kicking ass and backflipping
Recieving big checks and cashing em
Just for getting dudes in the ring, and bashing em
Yeah I got knocked down but I got back up
I survived every round you only won by luck
Now I'm back for another bout this time I'm gunna knock you
Out lets finish the fight, we'll see who's running there mouth


I came here to burn down the stage, release my rage
Spit fire out my mouth n put it to flames
Leave these wack cats burning in pain they can't sustain
Now the fingers are pointed at us n we're the first to blame
What ever made you think you could attack us, acting all tough?
Man my styles are raw flush, yours is a bluff
And now you standing up tryna be buff
After I battle you, dublt will put your shit through a hush
You pidily suck, I'm beating you up in this battle of victory
Shooting ya mouth off, but ya bullets are missing me
Picture me going down in history
I'll blast you off this planet before you try n get rid of me
I pidy thee for tryna beat this lyrical
You ain't shit to me you'll never be
So why don't you realize that mdp will always be will best
Eliminating competition till there's nothing left
So bring the rest

Bring the rest, beyatches bring the rest


Anybody wanna come... Come!
Anybody wanna bring it... Well bring it!
We blowing anybody off this match (haha)
C4 knock you out
Double t knock you out
And mundine knock you out
And my boy joel.. He knock anybody out!
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