The bitterness in your kiss goodbye
That distance when I look into your eyes
I know that we aren’t meant to be
Your heart doesn’t feel a thing for me

But in my mind
I still recall a time
When your heart burned as deep as mine
Our passion it raged on like the wind
Everyone thought our love had no end
And yet as we stand here one last time
It is only then that I realize that you,
You don’t need me

My heavy heart only reveals
Bitter memories of what was once so real
Those damn dark nights
Full of those bitter, angry fights
And the ghostly memories of your kiss
That still crack and burn my lips
Like the heat from a long forgotten summer wind
It’s in the moment that my heart stops beating
Realizing that now that our time is fleeting
That you, You don’t need me

(Repeat chorus)

Tonight, the rain is setting in
My mind has started wondering
How love so real could just end
And I know that it’s a sin
Wanting you this bad again

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, No matter how much time has passed
I get that our love was never meant to last
And No matter how much I try to let you go
Your fingers won’t loosen their grip on my soul
Even though you, you don’t need me
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You Don't Need Me Lyrics

Joel M. Andre – You Don't Need Me Lyrics

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