Joe: Do we know the muffin man? That's the best question we have had all day! Do we know (bangs on table) the muffin (bangs on table) man?

Kevin: That lives on Drurlry Lane?

Nick: Drurry Lane.

Kevin: Drurry Lane.

Joe: Yo.(Starts to beet box) Yo I know the muffin man, I know the muffin man. (Beat boxes) I'm the only one who knows him, knows hime, knows him, he lives on my street wazzup, oh, hey. Muffin man. I wonder if the muffin man is a girl.

Kevin: As in muffin woman.

Joe: Oh yeah, of course he has a grill. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Kevin: He didn't say girl he said grill, as in teeth grill.

Joe: But then he does, because he has a muffin grill.

Nick: That's not a muffin, it's not a grill.

Joe: (Starts laughing then points at something (laptop or computer) off screen)
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Muffin Man Lyrics

Joe Jonas – Muffin Man Lyrics