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Joe Jonas Rap Lyrics

Joe Jonas – Joe Jonas Rap Lyrics

Unh unh unh unh unh
Go Joe go Joe go Joe go Joe go Joe go Joe

(makes noise)
Yo listen I'm Joe Jonas
I'm Your best friend
Open the fridge
Eat a chicken (wassup oh)

7/11 might be down the street
Beat boxing with my two feet, brand new beat
When I was born I walked out of the room I was like(brrrp yo yo)
My mom was like yo that's crazy
And I was like Yeah I'm a baby (uhh)

My name's Mufasa I'm the king of the land
I'll come smack you with the back of my hand
(slaps hand)

Yo get out this is my song (my song)
Everybody where you at
Whole world behind us

Joe's friend:
Yo I'm behind him
Yo Check it out I'm behind him
He's behind me
He's behind me

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