Get Ready, It's been one heavenly day
Get Ready, Tonight's a stone's throw away
Get Ready

Here comes my angel
So pure and so bright
But she'll be dancing like the devil
Yeah, here comes Saturday night

Get ready, To crank up the tunes
Get Ready, You got me howlin’ at the moon
Get Ready

Put on that red dress
And those black stiletto shoes
Pucker up those cherry lips
Shake it girl, I’m in the mood

Get Ready, When we call it a night
Get Ready, To turn down the lights
Get Ready

We’ll go to church in the morning
And show our respects
As soon as we get beck home
We’re tearing off our Sunday best

So get ready, For one more heavenly day
We'll be ready, It's just a stone's throw away
So Get Ready, Be ready, I'm ready
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Get Ready Lyrics

Joe Farren – Get Ready Lyrics