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True Story Lyrics

Joe Budden – True Story Lyrics

You might not understand now because the picture is tainted
I'm 'a take the time out for y'all to try to explain it
I was a kid in Jers', no name, no stage
Listen close while I get everybody on the same page
Me and Dub made music, but times was hard
And we really couldn't pursue it 'cause we both jobs
Right said we could get straight cream
Rap over other niggas' beats, and I ain't know about the mixtape scene
So we did that, going off my god brother's promise
I spit 100 bars over "Nastradamus"
And Right's new cut, so I had hope all along
Next C tape was two freestyles and a song
He gave C my demo, said "It's a go, I bet you."
C said "He's alright, but what's so special? "
Held on to it, and it must have been luck
Because some nigga named Webb went in the back of his truck
And found my shit; listening to rhythm was I'll
Said this kids alright, watch me get him a deal
OnTop met me and Dub, and we liked them
Gave us 10 G's, a Mackie and a
Started making music loosely
But DJs was hesitant to play him 'cause nobody knew me
I guess Joe Budden was new
I needed some help, so Fab came threw and we did "Coming for You"
Did another joint later on with Tah Murda and Black Child
The streets finally started to react now
Made some songs, it was such a long process
Skane stopped by to check progress
And then Webb steady banging Clue who was still ignoring
Cutmaster and Envy was still supporting
Then Clue got with it 'cause my man called hype
Telling me I'm on the Clue tape spitting to "Let's Get It"
People started to see what was what now
Ya' boy got a little bit of buzz now
Everything was so timely
'Cause Skane went up there and told Kevin Lyles he wanted to sign me
So OnTop went to meet with Leo and Kev' about business
They started to talk some Spit shit
It was a new label we ain't know all about
For rappers they wanted to sign but wasn't sure about
Made it sound worth my while, though it was weird for me
Told me if I broke the label, they would take care of me
Put out "Get Right" a way to speed things up
But that shit ain't keep things up
That Def Jam treated Spit as a knock off
And Jumpoff's better than that y'all, I got off
Then I'm on Def Jam, waiting and chilling
Left the mixtapes to get things straight in the building
Left the street dry, I ain't give 'em no ether
Nitty and Skane up there begging for a feature
And they gave us one, and we thought it was hitting
We thought 3rd story would sell, but they didn't
And I liked that song and the hook
Plus they was shooting a video, and we was mad thirsty for a look
But they ruined that shit, had my whole camp feeling the worst
At the last minute cut my 2nd verse
And the politics had me hopeless
And the label just kept overlooking me, so let me focus (So focused, man)
And traveled from state-to-state, club banger
No video spinning, top 8 at 8
By the time Def Jam knew it bumped and had flavor,
The record died down, this is 8 months later
And that whole time, I was out of the street mix
So they tried to bring it back with a bullshit remix
And now they respecting a nigga
But I'm scared 'cause the SoundScan is straight disrespecting a nigga
So it's back to the mixtapes where I don't have to deal with the nonsense
And the next two leaders is common sense
So at a time where the whole rap game is shaken
Is a slot right open, and it's there for the taking
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