You come to me trembling trembling
Shaking at the knees
You say you love me better than
Anyone else can
My head is spinning
I'm flattered
But I don't understand

Every passing hello
How are you
You want to know his name
Just because I was there when you
Needed a shoulder
You think I'll take your name
I love for money
I'm flattered
But I can't leave my trade

You will see me holding up some corner store
In my twenties print
And my thumb's turned out
Yes I'm looking for a ride
Jesus woke me up in some
Strangers bed
There are a lot like you
They want to save my soul

Let me tell you
This lady loves
And she goes where she pleases
No love for free
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No Love For Free Lyrics

Joan Armatrading – No Love For Free Lyrics

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